We have a fun and educational youth programme running annually. Through this programme we deliver small programmes that meet the needs and wants of our young people. These programmes cover a number of elements that affect our young people such as healthy living, personal development, learning new skills and much more. Our young people are taught how to keep themselves healthy while having fun. We offer training and programmes that create awareness of issues such as drugs and alcohol, sexual health etc.

We run a Homework support programme which is facilitated by our staff members and volunteers from Queens University. This programme is run in partnership with Greater Falls Full Service Community (ISCYP). This allows our young people the opportunity to come and do their homework and if needed, ask for help as there is trained staff available to do so.

Our staff and volunteers are all fully vetted and complete the necessary training such as Child Protection which enables them to work with our young people.

We have many programmes that run throughout the year but we are always open to new ideas. So if you are a young person and feel there is a programme that you would like to see in our centre then why not come along to the Blackie River Centre, get registered and share those ideas.

For further information or to make an enquiry please contact Damien on (028) 9031 9634 or at

Job Club – In conjunction with Job Assist

3.30pm to 4.00pm

To look at preparing your CV, Interview Techniques and advice

Young Women’s Group

Monday Evening's
6.00pm to 8.00pm