About Us

Blackie River Community Group did not originate on the grounds of Beechmount Pass; it began as a community project house within the Beechmount area.

The building where the centre now sits was not opened for business until 20th May 2003 when Alex Maskey, who was the Belfast Mayor at this time, helped celebrate the opening of the centre with the local residents of the Beechmount area.

The Blackie River Community Group has been an established group for more than 15 years and has evolved over time.
In the beginning, the purpose of the centre was to come together and look at housing needs within the Beechmount area, and from that point it has further developed to now meet the physical, social, economical and environmental needs of local residents.

The board of directors for the Blackie River Community Group came together from a very early stage to determine ways in which the Beechmount area could be improved in terms of empowering local residents to take ownership of the area in a positive way.

Our Staff

Peter Lynch
Chief Executive
Penny Ambrose
SureStart Coordinator
Zoe Rutherford
Childcare / Coordinator
Ciaran Beattie
Community Development Coordinator
Pamela Llewellyn
Finance & Personnel
Paula Graham
Admin/ Reception
Damien Lindsey
Youth Coordinator